Tarot Tower

Tarot Tower, Mars

Tarot Tower, major arcana. Attributed to the planet Mars

Tarot Tower Mars

Major arcana card Tarot Tower Mars is spontaneous reaction to outside phenomena epitomized by the personality type of Achilles in the Iliad. This is emotionless response as automatic action without emotion or guilt. Shame maybe but not guilt.

Its expression as positive or negative will be determined by surrounding or subsequent cards.

The Tower is destroyed from within and not from without.Β  It symbolizes that we have reached the point in our journey where we have the courage to transcend the false idea we have of ourselves, the Tower.Β Β 

Escaping it we release who we truly are and see the Tower for what it is, an eidolon.

A place we go to fall – obsessiveΒ ambition.


Tarot of the Morning Star book reprinted

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