Tarot Hierophant

Tarot Hierophant

Tarot Hierophant major arcana tarot divination card.Tarot Hierophant represents a quality within us that registers an awareness of phenomenon. It is not the elucidation of the phenomenon but the bringing to our attention that there is something of which we are not cognizant.

Admitting we are in the dark about a subject is our door to learning about it. Overcoming fear to enter the dark is our next step on the path to cognition of the paradox. See Tarot Hermit and Tarot Devil

In the foreground of the card the scroll of life unfolds and as it does so the Duat, symbolic of that which is unknown, becomes revealed. 

The sun in the background is the Rose Cross.  as developed and utilized by the magical group The Golden Dawn founded in England in 1888.

This symbol is a key to signatures of  energies, gods, spirits, angles and demons.  This key it is reputed opens all doors.

Hierophant is the arhetypal bicameral voice behind Five, Six and Seven Earth.

Five Earth
6 Earth Layout
Six Earth
Seven Earth

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Tarot of the Morning Star Book reprinted

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