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Anesidora, Pandora

Anesidora, Pandora Oil on wood panel, 96 inches by 48 inches, 2013.  Price on request. Anesidora in English Pandora, she who sends up gifts, is a title of the Greek Pandora.   It is she who releases man’s opportunities, the challenges we need to overcome so we might grow, from the vase given to her by the Gods. This is the center panel of the triptych     Fall of Man


Friday August 16th Art Exhibit Talk and Walk Through

Chimera Art Exhibit, Talk and Walk Through For anyone interested in seeing the Chimera art exhibit and hearing the stories behind the paintings inspiration and execution, I will be at Stevens Square Center For The Arts on Friday August 16th from 5pm until 8pm to walk through and talk about them. Hope to see you there and thank you to everyone who came on opening night. Chimera Exhibition is open every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm until 5pm through August 25th at Stevens Square Center For The Arts Opening Night Opening video Chimera Gallery Details and Map So This is How the […]

Roger Williamson, Minnesota artist painting three