Black Book of the Jackal Grimoire

Black Book Jackal, A navigational guide for travel within The Ancient Egyptian Book of The Dead

Black Book of the Jackal, a grimoire of the Western Occult Tradition based upon the Book of the Dead.

Black Book Jackal, western occult tradtion,grimoire

Black Book Jackal

Western occult tradition grimoire.

Using an ingenious synthesis between the techniques of the Western Occult Tradition and the formula of the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Black Book of the Jackal offers entry points to the seven ancient gates of the Egyptian Underworld.
The grimoire opens with a script for a guided meditation, followed by a theoretical fusion of Qabalah and the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Instructions and practical tips for using this fusion are provided, along with scripts for entry into each station of the ancient Egyptian otherworld.

Banishing and invocation rituals, tables of correspondences, and explanatory diagrams are also provided.

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